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We use a combination of technology content and best-on-site professionals to empower our thousand-strong community through engineering and technology.

The Best Place to Work

Our project outputs are the best that you can get, and we ensure we see each unique client's demand or desire to the most tenable satisfactory level

Equality, Inclusion and Diversity

We believe and practice a positive culture that encourages principles and creative dynamism, as well as competence in our work and output

Outstanding Services

Our creative culture from multiple historic projects, till date, gives us a platform to be reliable in our contracts and delivery

FTAO limited Difference

Several Customers use our platform to connect, build, manage projects and grow stronger together



We deal with the construction work of buildings, bridges, and general mechanical structures, and for each project, we establish affiliations with partners with value-adding quality and maintain good relationships with clients.

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Interior Decoration

We give a hundred percent specific furnishing and interior decorations, and a beautiful overhaul of inner compartments, kitchens, parlours, bathrooms, etc

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Business Startup Consulting

Our team, based in the UK and Nigeria, have highly experienced employees, with appropriate and verified experience. We are validated by our consultancy projects with the luminaries people of varying backgrounds and contexts and helping them all with projects and operational improvements.

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In 2016, we brought the best talent in technology, engineering, manufacturing, construction, project management, design and installation hardware and production together to accomplish an ambitious goal: bring the community and excitement of modern engineering and technology into the society. The idea struck us after years of struggling to get to the end products that we loved, while balancing our demanding jobs and busy families. So we made it our mission to bring immersive and challenging outcomes into people’s lives in a more accessible, affordable and efficient way.

  • A NEW CONCEPT OF ENGINEERING You can reach all your technological, construction and project management goals with us


Several Customers use our platform to connect, build, manage projects and grow stronger together. Through our immersive software, engineering services, construction and renovation of buildings, warehouses, factories, design and installations of machinery like complete manufacturing processing plants, beautifully designed hardware. we’ve created an opportunity for people to discover the best versions of themselves through the power of technology.

"You can bank on us for all sophisticated, structural construction, consultancy, and design services ."

Dr Francis Tobi Omigbodun

Executive Director at FTAO Limited