About FTAO Limited

We use a combination of technology, content and best-on-site professionals to empower our thousand-strong community through engineering and technology . Our track records and current services with robust artificial intelligence is designed to keep you coming back. You can reach all your technological, construction and project management goals with us

FTAO Limited
Is An EvolvingLeading Company In The Technology, Construction And
Manufacturing Market

Our Mission

FTAO limited uses technology and design to connect the world through construction,engineering, project management, design and installation, empowering people to be the best version of themselves anywhere, anytime.

FTAO Limited Uniqueness

Several Customers use our platform to connect, build, manage projects and grow stronger together. Through our immersive softwares, engineering services, construction and renovation of buildings, warehouses, factories, design and installations of machineries like complete manufacturing processing plants, beautifully designed hardware. we’ve created an opportunity for people to discover the best versions of themselves through the power of technology.

What We Do

Kons Constructionbrings best services with value, potential cost saving, and provide you
with a predictable outcome.

Design & Construction

Construction of all types of buildings, infrastructure and civil works construction

Rennovation & Reconstruction

We’re offer reconstruction & rennovation service for any types of buildings.

Design and Installation

We offer full design and installation services and have the flexibility to assist our clients

Interior Design

We offer top class Interior Design services and have the flexibility to assist our clients

Managerial Service

We help with management projects for our clients

“ Quality, inclusion, equality and diversity is the culture of world changers. ”

Engr Omigbodun Francis

Project Director

Dr Omigbodun Francis Apesin


CEO-founder of FTAO Limited, he manages the development of projects from United Kingdom to all of Nigeria whilst also been keen on diverse evolving developments of other technological, construction and engineering contract advancements across the globe; all of this alongside his continuous research into sustainable architecture. He received his masters degree in Mechatronics Engineering from De Montfort University, United Kingdom, with Distinction, and an award for Best Project/Dissertation, January, 2020.